Nandan Nair

Forest – Impressionism

  • Forest-Impressionism


In this picture, I tried to make reflections as the central part of my painting using the impressionistic style. As you can see from the pictures in this link, at first, I tried to do a lot of things. But then I realized that in every painting, I must focus on very few things. So, I just put in the trees, water and a swan. This is how I painted it:
1. First, I sketched everything.
2. Next I painted the trees, the sky, the land and the darkest part of the river.
3. Then I changed the river and the trees to show the effects of light and tone.
4. After that, I worked on painting the land on the other side of the river and I painted the first two colors of the first tree’s reflection.
5. I worked on all the reflections using a simple trick – Flipping the canvas over and working on it. I also painted the person. I improved the look of the trees by using yellow shades for the leaves.
6. Since the person was not really getting the amount of size and portion of the painting, I erased it.
7. Finally, I painted water on the reflections, added a swan and it reflections on the water.
8. The last step was the most important one – of course putting my signature.

I did learn that the more things you add, the longer it takes to finish. It is always better to keep the painting simple with very few objects to focus on.

So, what do you think ?