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Experiments with Hair Dye

Being an actor is a strenuous job. It requires heart, stamina, and above all, dedication. This could mean staying late to perfect a specific scene, or spending extra time to learn the music. Sometimes, it could even mean changing your physical appearance to better portray your character.For the upcoming play, there is a scene where […]



As I wake up, the birds greet me with their joyous chirping. “That’s odd, they are not this active in the winter.” I think to myself, as a ray of sunshine hits my face. The sun normally doesn’t shine so bright either, I think suspiciously.The sun was indeed shining bright as can be, and outside, […]


Building an Icosahedron

Creativity can go a long way, especially in the classroom. It has the ability to take boring lessons and topics, and make them fun and enjoyable. With Christmas just around the corner, my chemistry teacher saw the perfect opportunity to use her creativity to the fullest. She gave me a unique project: Create a Christmas […]


A Sophomore now….

It’s the day every student dreams of. It’s the day every teacher dreads. It’s also the day that signifies the start of a new beginning. This Monday was my last day of school. However, in high school, the last day is not one to relax and enjoy, but one to finish reviewing the year’s work. […]


My third play – Our Town

This week, my high school drama club finished our spring production – “Our Town“. It was written by Thornton Wilder in 1938 and follows the life of the people in the fictional town of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire. This play was very different from any of the earlier plays that I have taken part in. […]


Culinary – Making a crêpe…

This week, I started taking a culinary class in Freshmen Seminar where we will be learning the basics of cooking, and how to make easy meals… We started off with making a crêpe. You start by cracking and whisking eggs, add milk, and mix them together. While doing this, you melt butter in a separate […]


An interaction with Sir Richard J. Roberts

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend to a talk by Sir Richard J. Roberts. He won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1993, for his work in discovering and demonstrating the division of RNA into their introns and exons. In his talk, he discussed different aspects of his life – his early […]


My first day as a referee…!!!!

A few months ago, I got the chance to be a referee in my brother’s soccer game. It was a great experience, and I then went through the process to become a certified referee. Today was my first official day as a certified referee. I arrived at the game 30 minutes early, as advised by […]


South Shore Science Festival V – 2019

Today I presented my project on Viscosity to people at the 5th South Shore Science Festival. It was my 4th year presenting, and it was fun to teach little kids (and adults) about this concept, and how it applies in the real world. It was also great to get to know some of our elected […]