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And then corona strikes…

The recent coronavirus pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on the world, causing mass panic and sending world superpowers into chaos. So far, the virus has reached every continent, and has caused more than 5,000 deaths worldwide. This past week, all schools were closed in Quincy for 3 weeks, and restaurants are closed for a […]


The moments before a show

Time – It’s a fascinating yet somewhat contradictory concept. It seems to be never ending, slow, and at times goes at a speed mirroring a snail. But in the long run, it moves at a speed comparable to that of light. Weeks, months, years, all gone by in the blink of an eye. You never […]



Film and broadcasting have been an interest of mine for a long time now. I have always enjoyed making videos, and take pleasure in editing and creating small “movies”. This week, I got the chance to help make a video for the South Shore Science Festival. I had the opportunity to go to the headquarters […]


Science Fair – 2020

Often times in school, class can be boring, and a basic wipe board lesson with notes isn’t enough to get the information across to us as students. For this reason, a hands on, interactive lesson can sometimes be a better option. This is the best way to describe the Science Fair we had last week. […]


First day as an assistant coach

To this point in my life, I have been both a soccer player and a soccer referee. However, there was one position that had managed to evade me: being a coach. Being only 15, it would appear coaching would have to wait for a couple more years. However, yesterday I got the opportunity to complete […]



Store-brought food is an easy way to get the food you love without having to work for it. However, many times, the consequences of buying it, such as an excess amount of preservatives, can outweigh it’s easy accessibility. Thus, making certain food items from scratch sometimes becomes a healthier, more cost-efficient way to get the […]


Experiments with Hair Dye

Being an actor is a strenuous job. It requires heart, stamina, and above all, dedication. This could mean staying late to perfect a specific scene, or spending extra time to learn the music. Sometimes, it could even mean changing your physical appearance to better portray your character.For the upcoming play, there is a scene where […]



As I wake up, the birds greet me with their joyous chirping. “That’s odd, they are not this active in the winter.” I think to myself, as a ray of sunshine hits my face. The sun normally doesn’t shine so bright either, I think suspiciously.The sun was indeed shining bright as can be, and outside, […]



Self portraits can often be an artist’s most iconic work. They tend to bring out one’s inner thoughts and ideas, and can provide the viewer an insight into the author’s life. These were the objectives we had in mind when making our self portraits in art class. Having already made a self portrait of myself […]