Nandan Nair

My first comic art – The Adventures of Captain Underpants in “The Attack of the Purple Zombie Robot Guys”

  • My first comic - title page

    My first comic - title page

  • My first comic - page 1

    My first comic - page 1

  • My first comic - page 2

    My first comic - page 2

This was my first comic art which I created by myself. I also want to thank my friend Sai from my class who helped me create the giant purple zombie robot which I named as “The Turbo Zombie Robot 2000 (TZR 2000)”. It is about a super hero known as “Captain Underpants” a children’s novel series by American author and illustrator, Dav Pilkey. Though the super hero was not original, this comic was my idea and I want to share it with all of you. This comic is about how a high school student in Chemistry class accidentally makes one of his chemical portions fly through the roof and tiny bit if it lands on every grave in the cemetery, causing all the dead people to become evil purple zombie robots. Then they become so scary that when a man saw it come near, he got so scared that he jumped out of his skeleton and ran off while the skeleton ran behind him. Then Captain Underpants comes in and defeats all of them but has to face the TZR 2000 which is 10 storey high! It is hard for him to defeat him, but finally he shoots a bomb which looks like underwear on the TZR 2000’s chest causing it to blow up. But when the mayor who is wearing all purple comes to tell him that he has to clean the mess up, Captain Underpants mistakes him for another one of the robots and gives him a wedgie. Then the whole town goes against Captain Underpants with pitch forks and torches and try to get him. But Captain Underpants flies away… The End!

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