Nandan Nair

My First Painting: Lighthouse in the Grasslands


The lighthouse in the grasslands was my first painting when my parents sent me for private art lessons at The Sippy Cup Place, Quincy. In this painting, I used the painting style that was used by Vincent Van Gogh. This style is called impressionistic painting style. This painting for me was very easy. First, I sketched it. Then, I painted it. I made sure that I cleaned my brush after I made one stroke. Finally, I made yellow leaves to show sunlight. My teacher, Ms. Sandra Donnelly, guided me through this painting by discussing colors, color scheme, light, and shadow and brush strokes. I am very thankful to her. It took me about 2 one hour sessions to complete this work. I did this painting in January of 2013. I hope you liked this painting as much as I liked painting it.

So, what do you think ?