Nandan Nair

Painting Tips That I Learnt -3


During my third art lesson, I learn’t a few more techniques to do the painting. Most of them had to do with how to show reflection. They are as follows:

  1. When you are doing the reflection, an easy way to do it would be to flip over the painting. In that way, it will be like you are just doing the whole thing over again.
  2. When you are doing the shading and you have straight lines, an easy way to make it look natural is by cleaning off your brush completely and just swirl your paint brush through the color lines, but don’t go too crazy on in or it will get too swirled and not natural.
  3. When you are painting a river/ocean, if you make the river/ocean too blue, and you want to make it lighter, don’t take blue and white and put it on top of the blue. If you do that, it might just blend inside the blue and might become darker. Instead, what you should do it just take some white and swirl it and make big strokes on the blue. That way, it will become lighter.

So, what do you think ?