Nandan Nair

A Cardboard TV with a Remote

  • A Cardboard TV with a Remote

    A Cardboard TV with a Remote

The TV
This is the first time that I have ever made a TV using cardboard. I decided to make this because I saw a cardboard box that had a opening in the front like a TV. Also, inside the box, there was more cardboard parts that could be used like the screen of the TV. So, I took all that cardboard and began working. What I did first was to take the cardboard that was inside out and drew the screen in pencil. I drew the cartoon “Sponge-Bob – Square-Pants”. Second, I traced over everything that I drew in pen. Third, I colored it. Fourth, I took lot’s of paper and covered the parts of the cardboard that had the pictures of the knife set that was packed in it. Finally, I wrote “Samsung” on the top, made the ON button on the bottom and put the “screen” inside the other piece of cardboard.

The TV’s Remote
This remote was supposed to be made out of cardboard, but since there wasn’t any more cardboard left, I used paper to make it instead. I didn’t really want to add too much detail so I only wrote what some buttons were. This is how I made it. First, I drew the shape of the remote on a piece of paper. Next, I drew the buttons of the remote. Finally, I cut it out. I hope you like this and have a nice evening. See the picture below and also find it on Flickr

So, what do you think ?