Nandan Nair

Painting Tips that I learnt -2


Light and Shading Effect using colors:
When painting large objects, giving light effects is easy. However, it is tricky to paint thinner objects and show light and shading effects. To make the shades from light to dark, you should paint using a brush – line by line. But, if you paint using this line method, you can end up making the thin object very large if the lines are very thick. Here is a tip. What you can do instead is make a thin line with the brush. The next line should be thin and kind of overlap on the earlier line. Make sure that the new color and old color both can be seen. Repeat this with lighter color shades till you finish painting the object. In this way you can give light effects to even thinner objects. You should remember that the colors you use are either going from light shade to dark or dark shade to light, but do not mix the pattern.

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