Nandan Nair

My First Participation In An Art Festival at North River Arts Society


The North River Art Society‘s Festival of the Arts – 2014 was the first art festival that I ever participated in. Before the day of the festival, I sent “The Impressionistic Pear” and “Forest – Impressionism” for display. It was a great moment for me. My name was displayed in the Society’s Art Festival brochure. Now, that I am a member of this society, I look forward to regularly participating in the Art Festivals.

On the day of the festival, me and my family went through the Art Festival to look at the various works of art done by the best artists in the region. After seeing all of the works displayed, I realized that I need to add a lot more realism in my work to make it of the quality of the other artists. I loved the canvas art, the photography display and the art made of clay, glass, metals, etc.

Before we left the art festival, I saw that there was a street chalking event as well which was coming to an end. I quickly borrowed some chalk the volunteer and started drawing on the road. First, I drew a palette, a brush and a painting on a canvas with the chalks. I tried to add some realism to the brush even though I had only a few colors. I also gave a caption that said “In Art, Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Use them as opportunities!”. I also wrote underneath – “Fear” and striked it out. Since I did this in less than 5 minutes, the volunteer was very impressed and gave me a ribbon that said – “North River Art Society – Festival of the Arts 2014… Official Sidewalk Artist”.

After that, we left with 2 great things:
1. A Special Ribbon
2. A Brochure with my name as a participant.

What a great start to summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what do you think ?