Nandan Nair

E5 MADNESS- My First Natural Disaster Painting

  • E5


“E5 Madness” was the first painting that I did with Ms. Sharon. It is also the first painting that I have made on a natural disaster. In this painting, I made the decisions on what and how to paint. In case you are wondering, E5 is the most destructive tornado level. The other levels are E4, E3, E2 and E1. This painting shows a tornado, but not just any tornado, an E-5 Tornado! As it runs mercilessly on the ground, it causes dirt to rise from the ground and spread in different directions.  It makes the ground and sky go from happy 🙂 to FURIOUS >>:-<< You could also say it is Mother Nature’s evil side!

Here is how I made this furious painting:
1. First of all I sketched the tornado and 3 lightning bolts around it.
2. Second, I painted the grass. I remembered that I needed to make it look dark and evil, so I added some black to the green to make it look evil.
3. Third, I painted the tornado. I made it dark and destructive to strike fear at the people who look at it, and at the same time provided the light and dark shading.
4. Finally, I painted the cloud, details, removed the lightning bolts and the most obvious part of every painting – painted my signature in yellow. I took the decision to take out the lightning bolts because I wanted to have the focus of the painting on the tornado and not on lightning.

I hope you enjoy this painting as much as I enjoyed making it. You can see the pictures on the Flickr and videos on YouTube.

So, what do you think ?