Nandan Nair

The Proto-Lego-Electric-Alien-Fighter-6 (PLEAF6)


The PLEAF6 (Proto-Lego-Electric-Alien-Fighter-6) is the first spaceship I have ever built using Legos. If in case you are wondering the 6 in the name, it stands for both Level 6 Space Ship and the 6th time that I had to redesign it to make it sturdy and strong. When I made it the first time, I put very few things on it and made a regular Level 1 spaceship. But my younger brother, Nikhil, could very easily break it. The second time I built it, I rearranged a few parts and upgraded the others to make it a Level 2 spaceship. But after a while I accidentally hit it with my hand and it broke again. Like this, it continued on an on until the 6th attempt when I could get the sturdy spaceship.

This arrangement made the spaceship very sturdy. I also added 3 turbo boosts which can also be used as attack rays. I also put 3 weapons on the side – the Triton and sword were on the two ends of the two multi-attack rays, and the Shuriken was in front of the mini figure or person that was driving the spaceship. But the thing which I adore the most is A DRAGON CANNON!!!

Just yesterday, I added some new parts and rearranged other pieces and with this upgrade made it into The PLEAF ULTRA!!!! But just for fun, I even added 2 license plates.

But there’s one thing about making these types of things:” Where this a person with weapons, there’s always a villain”. So, to make that true, I added a villain. I used the head, hat and body of a Lego skeleton guy and made my own legs and arms. So, I transformed it into kind of a half man half robot guy, or a mobot.

Now, even though it’s now the PLEAF ULTRA, doesn’t mean it won’t ever evolve again. Maybe sooner or later it’ll evolve again to an even better form. But you can’t go ahead of time!

So, what do you think ?