Nandan Nair

The Solar System

  • Ms Sandra, Me and The Solar System

    Ms Sandra, Me and The Solar System

This painting, among all my paintings, was my favorite one. The funny thing about this was the fact that even though it was about the biggest canvas in Michaels, I was bigger than it! I choose to do this painting because I thought the planets were cool. The Solar System objects that I choose were The Sun, The Moon, Earth and Mars. There are three reasons why I choose these. The first reason is because I wanted to do it in the order of planets (Even though I skipped Mercury and Venus). The second reason is because of the way I want to paint this, these planets worked the best. The third reason is because since each of those planets have different shades, it goes together and a makes a combination of colors that all work out together. Along the way, I learned how to make flames on The Sun look hotter and how to make the planets glow. These are the steps to how I made it:

  1. I sketched the planets
  2. I painted the sky green where it was light, and as it got darker, I added light blue, dark blue and black.
  3. I painted the Moon with shades of white, black and gray, The Sun with shades of red, orange and yellow, Earth with shades of blue, green, white and brown and Mars with shades of red.
  4. I added stars and constellations (I have also put the first letter in my father’s name, mother’s name, brother’s name and my name as a constellation!) and painting a small dot of white with the opposite side of the brush and added craters to The Moon.
  5. I painted flames and solar flares to make it show the Sun’s heat and give the feel of the fire. Can you spot 1 more constellation in the painting? Tell me it’s name and where it is.
  6. I improved the Earth by painting the sky and water more clearly, adding the glow to Mars, painting the sides and painting my signature

Special thanks to Google Earth for the aerial view of the earth. I hope you liked this painting as much as I enjoyed painting it.

So, what do you think ?