Nandan Nair

Thank you Ms. Sandra!!! I will miss you.

  • Ms Sandra, Me and The Solar System

    Ms Sandra, Me and The Solar System

Before the art show, I would like to thank the one who got me here, Ms. Sandra. Thank you for all the great moments you’ve given me. There are so many memories I’ve had, I’ve made a timeline of those memories:

March 2012 Art Show: This was the first art show I was in. I remember that in the cubbie room,most of our models, like my Man on the Moon, were there.

March 2013 Egyptian Art Show: This art show was phenomenal. We had a scavenger hunt and went through pyramids, and we hid our mummified selves in one room, turned off the lights, and used flashlights to find them like scientists looking for mummies!The best part was that the mayor of Quincy, Mr. Thomas P. Koch, visited us!

March 2014 Field Trip: We went to the park. I also remember that we roasted marshmallows!

February Vacation 2013 Field Trip: We went to KoKo Keys resort and swimming pool. I also remember we rode down a giant water slide!

February Vacation 2014 Field Trip: We went to Atlantis Swimming Pool and Workout Area. I also remember that I learned how to swim there!

  • How can I forget the paintings we did in my art lessons with you?
  • Lighthouse in the Grasslands (Jan 2013): This was the first painting that you helped me complete. I also remembered that you told me about the style of impressionism.
  • My Self Portrait (Feb 2013): This time I looked at a of picture me in thermal mode and painted the canvas.
  • Evening Glaciers (Mar 2013): This was the first time I used the palette knife.
  • Forest (Apr 2013): This was the first time that I made painting with trees. The palette knife really made the shadings look superior.
  • The Grand Tree (Jun 2013): This was one of the most challenging paintings that I have done. I also remember that for the the first time I painted on a big canvas (Bigger than me).
  • Impressionistic Pear (Nov 2013): I missed you when you were not here while doing this painting. Thank you for coming back. I remember that this was the first time I painted a fruit.
  • Forest – Impressionism (Jan 2014): This painting was my return to impressionism style. I remember that this painting was the first painting in which I made an animal and which is easy to see.
  • Swans (Feb 2014): This painting was the second painting which I did on a very big canvas (It was bigger than the Grand Tree). I also remember that for the first time I mad things moving in the water.
  • Solar System (Mar 2014): This was my latest painting and the one which I always wanted to do. It is my favorite one (For now).

Thank you for helping with the paintings and giving me the knowledge that I will never forget. These are some of the beautiful memories that you have given me. Thank you Ms. Sandra. I will miss you a lot! Please stay in touch with me.

So, what do you think ?