Nandan Nair

The Swans

  • Swans - With My Art Teacher and Swans

    Swans - With My Art Teacher and Swans

  • Swans - Just Completed

    Swans - Just Completed

  • The Swans - Final Picture

    The Swans - Final Picture

“The Swans” is my second painting that I have done on a giant canvas. It is a 5 ft by 4 ft and it is also bigger than my Grand Tree. It is much bigger than I am. While working on this painting, I put everything that I recently learned all together – Values, Color Mixing, Complementary Colors, etc. For example, using Values, I created different shades of colors on the swan. I made a pink color by mixing red and white colors. Besides, I only used the following colors – White, Red, Orange, Black and Blue. As usual, I started with sketching. While painting the lake, I put shades of Pink, White, Red and Blue since it was morning. I made use of values to do the shading. Then I painted the Swans. To paint the swans, I used the simple rule for shading that my teacher taught me – any part of an object that faces inward or bends inward is dark and the part that sticks out is bright. From inward to outward, it had to become more bright. I worked on the shading, water ridges, filling up the blank spots on the canvas, putting color patters around the face of the swan, painting the sides, top and bottom, and finally – my signature big and blue. It very tiring, but it was worth the effort. You can watch a few videos on how I did this painting on YouTube at this link. The photos are available on Flickr.

Now, that “The Swans” is over, I finally get to start painting something that I always wanted to do – The Solar System! It will be ready soon…

So, what do you think ?