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Quincy High Vs North Quincy High – 2018 Season

Rivalries are some of the best parts of sports, for both fans and players alike. Great friends off the pitch become bitter rivals on the pitch. They can bring a team together, or tear them apart. Lift them up, or crash them down. Make them heroes or zeros. I have gotten the privilege of experiencing […]


My first week at high school

The past week has been a huge transition for me. It was my first full week of high school. The last transition I have made before going out into the world as an adult. As the week has passed by, I have realized that high school is extremely different from middle school. At Central, we […]


Bye Bye Central…!!!! Will always miss you…

School is the place where we learn what we need for success in life. It is a place to have fun, make new friends, and prepare for our adult lives. However, all good things must come to an end, and so is the case with me. June 25th was the last day of school. However, […]


Quincy Youth Soccer – Spring 2018 Travel Season

As you all know, soccer has been my passion in the past few years. While I have been playing in my local league, Quincy Youth Soccer, for the past 3 seasons, I have wanted to step up my game to a new level. So, in the fall, I tried out for Quincy’s Travel team, the […]


Gettysburg, PA – Eighth grade trip – 2018

Sometimes in school, it takes more than just a picture and a lesson to learn about a place. In these cases, a field trip can prove useful. That was exactly the case on Wednesday, when me and my classmates traveled on a 3 day trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was the scene of the Battle […]


CMS Spring Concert – 2018

Thursday, June 1, marked a huge day in my life. It was the day of the Spring Concert, a celebration of the arts, both academic and musical. It would also be my final Spring Concert at Central. However, this concert was different from others that I have done, mainly because I also joined the Chorus […]


Quincy Annual Robotics Challenge 2018

This weekend, I participated in the 2018 Quincy Public Schools Robotics Challenge, a competition between all the middle schools (and some elementary schools). As I move to high school next year, this would be my last year doing LEGO Robotics. The mission/theme for this year’s competition was “World Class”, which was about learning, memorizing, and […]


Annual 8th grade year book cover page design challenge – 2018

For the annual 8th grade year book cover page challenge, students from the Central Middle School were invited to participate in the challenge to design the cover book. The winner’s design will be the 8th grade year book cover page. It was an exciting opportunity and like many other artists from our school, I too […]


South Shore Science Festival – 2018

This year’s South Shore Science Festival in Quincy was unlike any of the others I have done before. I presented Thin Layer Chromatography to the general public. One of the visitors was a surprise guest: a Nobel Laureate, Professor Jack W. Szostak. He received the Nobel Prize in 2009 in Physiology or Medicine, for figuring […]


2017 – The year that went by…

11:59 PM. December 31. The last day of 2017. As they stood in the cold at Times Square, they started looking back on the year, with all the good things, and not so good things. While some said, “That was a great year!”, others said “I’m so glad this year is over!”. As the final […]


Singin’ in the Rain Jr. – My first play

This past week, I was a part of Singin’ in the Rain Jr, a spin-off of the original movie Singin’ in the Rain with the Central Middle School (CMS) Drama Club. It was the musical of the year, and it was my first and last play with the CMS Drama Club. It all started off in […]


Camp Wing Trip 2017

On Wednesday, June 14, 2017, me and my classmates went on a trip to Camp Wing, a camp in Duxbury, Massachusetts. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights, and engaged in many activities. In this post, I give you an insight on my stay at, arguably, one of the best trips I have ever […]


The Toucan: South America’s Iconic Bird

It stared at the caterpillar resting on the leaf. It seemed to sense it’s every movement, the caterpillar, changes his position with every flinch of it’s beak, fighting back the urge to lash out at the insect. When suddenly, the toucan struck. It caught the caterpillar in it’s mouth and flew away, content with it’s […]


Veggie skewers

A few weeks ago, I tried my hand at a new recipe: Skewers. This was the first time I had attempted to make anything like this. Although it did not turn out as planned, I felt it was a good first attempt. Instead of using the stove, I used the grille. The ingredients are as follows: […]


Eruption of music

The lava was pouring out. People were running for their lives. Houses were being devoured and melted. “Get away from the lava! This is not a drill!” says a police officer. A lady freaks out, “We’re not going fast enough!“. But suddenly, the ground begins to shake more rapidly. The volcano looks like it’s ready […]


A sports fan flag

As I was going through and organizing the living room, I came upon a paper towel roll (just the inner roll part, no tissues on it). At the same time I was in the middle of making my bedroom my own – taking stuff that I don’t need out and creating new things and arranging them to my […]

  • Final painting

    Final painting

  • One of the versions

    One of the versions

  • Trying out clouds

    Trying out clouds

  • Initial coat

    Initial coat

  • Original photograph

    Original photograph

Bostonian two-masted schooner

My latest work “A Bostonian two-masted schooner” is a ship sailing near the Castle Island, Boston. I used the Impressionistic Style, so the faces of the people are blurry and the colors maintain a fairly dark shade to demonstrate the play of light. Castle Island is a place where you can not only play and […]


Why plan on the weekends?

People sometimes ask me what plans do I have for the weekend. And what do I say? Do I go shopping? Do I stay at home? Do I go places? Travel? Play? I say, “Nothing.” That’s it. I’ll tell you why. In my opinion, planning is for the weekdays. On the weekdays, you know what […]