Nandan Nair

Why plan on the weekends?

People sometimes ask me what plans do I have for the weekend. And what do I say? Do I go shopping? Do I stay at home? Do I go places? Travel? Play? I say, “Nothing.” That’s it. I’ll tell you why. In my opinion, planning is for the weekdays. On the weekdays, you know what […]


Bread Pizza

About three weeks ago, I added another twist to my previously known Cracker Pizza. The one twist: It’s more like a real pizza. For example, in the old version, I used a cracker as the base and then added sauce and cheese. This one has bread as the base and then has pesto and cheese with varying toppings. […]


Back to School – The First Day in 7th Grade

Today, I started my 7th grade year. I was excited to return to school, while at the same time, I wished I had more vacation. Leading up to this day, whenever anyone asked if I was excited to be back in school, I almost always said “No”. I thought that there should be some more […]


“Sachin Tendulkar: Playing It My Way” – A Book Review

Over the summer, I read the autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar, one of the most celebrated Indian cricket players of all time, and one of the best to play the game ever. He talked about his childhood, his strive to make it to the Indian team, and how he became one of the best cricket players […]



Update: I am proud that this painting received a honorable mention at the Quincy Arts Festival 2016… Before going to India for the summer, my mother and I thought, “Why not we do something exciting?”. So, we decided to both do the same object, but from a different perspective. This way, we could both discuss our paintings and […]


A Typical Malayali Wedding

Over the summer, during my two-month long trip to India, I got my first experience of a typical Malayali wedding. It was my  uncle’s wedding. In case you do not know what that means, it is a wedding of the people originating from Kerala, a southern state in India. People from Kerala are called Malayalis and they speak […]


A Legend is gone……. :-(

On June 27, hours after Chile beat Argentina 4-2 on penalties to win the Copa Americá Centenario, the world of international football faced a substantial blow – the retirement announcement from arguably the best player in the world, Lionel Messi. This shocked many, especially because of the fact that he is only 29 years old. While many […]


Bye Bye Sixth Grade…..

On Friday, 17th June, 2016, I finished my sixth grade year. It was a tremendous year at school. I would like to thank my teachers and friends for helping me get through the year, and adapt to the pressure that would occasionally mount. Some of the biggest moments of the school year included Lego Robotics (City and State), Band, […]


Copa Americá Centenario

“Here they come, bursting on the counter attack, this might be their last of the match. Mascherano’s ball in for Di Maria, who bursts past Marcello, gets the cross in for Messiiiii……. and a beautiful overhead kick, into the back of the net, beating the helpless Diego Alves! And in the 95th minute, he’s snatched […]


A days excursion to Camp Wing…

Yesterday, the whole sixth grade embarked on a journey to Camp Wing. It was my last day in 6th grade and hence it was a great way to end the school year. When we reached Camp Wing in the morning, we were told about the rules. The most important rule was the “Rule of Three”. This […]


Shark Tank – A School Challenge

Shark Tank was a competition in my school in which we had to create a company, and make a product. One condition was that the company should be in a different country than the USA. You can choose any country of your choice. You have to do some research on the country such as its GDP/capita […]


Quincy Public Schools Robotics Challenge – 2016

This weekend, I participated in the 2016 Quincy Public School Robotics Challenge. My team name was Lego Masterminds and we did well with our highest points being 135. Our team was very consistent, getting more than 100 points in each one of the four rounds. The main theme of the challenge was Senior Solutions – challenges that senior citizens face […]


City Wide Kids Art Show 2016 at The Art Spot Quincy

On May 14, 2016, The Art Spot hosted the City Wide Kids Art show for the second year in a row. Three of my past paintings were on display (Evening Glaciers, Celebrating the Indian Premier League, and Lionel Messi: Soccer Legend). I thank my teacher, Ms. Sharon Pierce, for displaying them. This show is mainly about the work done is […]


My 1st degree black-belt in Tae Kwon Do

On May 5, 2016, I received my black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Even though I had completed the test on April 3rd, the ceremony was held a month later. During this time, we had to refine on the various comments provided by the Grand Master. The most coincidental part was that the ceremony was on […]


The Self Inflating Balloon – Our Science Experiment

Yesterday, there was a science fair by the South Shore Science Team at the Quincy Center for Innovation. I had participated presenting our school Science Fair project called The Self Inflating Balloon. My partner, Adam Manter, and I had worked on this project at my school for a couple of months under the guidance of our science […]


Killer Whales – A Milestone Post

Welcome to my 100th post, the Killer Whales. It is one of my first paintings on marine animals. I chose to do this painting to add to my collection of animal paintings. Boston Children’s Museum has called for proposals for All Things Animals from different artists and I plan to submit my animal collection. In […]


Digital Art using Paper App: My Next Frontier

A few days ago, I was playing on the iPad, when I thought to myself, “Why not try to draw something?” So, I went to the paper app and pasted a photo on it. I just scribble something on it  when again an idea hit me. “How about tracing the details and the overall face?” […]


A Blast from My Past: The Collossal Cannine Invasion

I was creating this comic character long ago. Unfortunately, I did not complete it and had totally forgotten about it until now. I suddenly found this today and thought of sharing it with you. Though, I do not intend to finish it as it is not my taste anymore. Even if it was, it is […]


Top Chef: Exploring International Cuisine

A few months ago, in my Geography class, we learnt about the cuisine in different countries in a fun and exciting way. Top Chef was a competition where every kid had to research and present about the cuisine of a country, assigned by spinning what we know as the Wheel of Destiny. We would research […]


Santa in his Sleigh

Even though Christmas is over, I can still hear the “Ho, Ho, Ho” of the joly old St. Nick (otherwise known as Santa Claus). But I’m not talking about the Santa that lives in the North Pole. I’m talking about the Santa Claus that lives in my latest painting, “Santa in his sleigh”! I wanted […]