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  • ELC Experiences

    ELC Experiences

My article for the ELC School Newsletter

For ELC class at Central Middle School, we were preparing the students newsletter. Everyone was contributing some information. I took up the task of writing about ELC experiences. I thought it would be great idea to get the collective experience by interviewing my classmates. So, I interviewed some students from my ELC class because it was […]


Happy New Year 2015!!!

Wishing all of you a Very Happy New Year 2015!!! I created this greeting card using a tool I learnt about from my ELC teacher, Ms. Joyce, at Central Middle School called a Wordle (http//

  • Getting My Belt

    Getting My Belt

My Red-Stripe Blue Belt

I am now a red-stripe blue belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. It was very difficult, but I finally became a red stripe. I am now 2 belts away from being a black belt.


My 50th Blog

Today, I am very happy that I have achieved something very special: You are reading my 50th blog! So, I thought of sharing my experience writing them. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Painting
    Painting has been the main theme of my website. I have tried to share with you information about every painting that I created. Since I worked very hard to create them, I tried to describe it in as much detail as possible. I thank you for reading them and sending me your comments and opinions. I hope to soon make more paintings, and write more blogs!
  2. Cooking
    I love to cook. I love to test out new food combinations and present my creations in different ways. Mostly, I’m working with crackers and trying to make it like pizza, and other unusual but delicious things! I have tried to call them the “Cracker Pizza” series. By doing this, I hope to come up with a dish that will steal the whole world’s taste buds! I look forward to writing about them. I want to thank all of you for reading them and sending me your comments and opinions.
  3. Important Events
    Finally, I sometimes add some blogs about important events. Like when I got the Phillip J. Connolly “Pride in Education” award at my school OR my awesome 10th Birthday. I also wrote about my first days at school. I want to thank all of you for reading them and sending me your thoughts on those blogs.

Now, at my school, I am in the Newspaper Club and working on information about Soccer. I look forward to writing about it too. Thanks a lot for reading my blogs and providing your opinions. I hope to change the 50 to 100 very soon!


Cracker Platter

Just yesterday, I managed to combine many different ingredients and crackers to make a big cracker platter. In case you want to try it, I have put down the ingredients and instructions to make it. Hope you enjoy making it and eating it with your friends and family.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Serves: about 4 people
Ingredients: Round or any shaped Crackers(9), American or Cheddar Cheese Slices, 1 Tomato, 1 Avocado, 2 strawberries, Cream cheese, Seasonings – Pepper or Basil, Parmesan cheese. Tomato Sauce.

1. Dice tomatoes into small pieces after washing them.
2. Remove skin and cut ripe avocado into thin slices
3. Cut the strawberry into 2 pieces vertically.
4. To make a platter, on every cracker, do a different type of dressing as below:
5. Spread cream cheese on 2 crackers and place a cut strawberry on each of them.
6. Cut cheese slice in the shape of cracker and place it on two other crackers. On top of it, place the diced tomatoes.
7. Cut cheese slice in the shape of cracker and place it on two other crackers and on top of it place the diced tomatoes and avocado.
8. On two crackers, put tomato sauce and molded cheese slice.
9. Make a cracker sandwich for the center with molded cheese slice and tiny bit of cream cheese and tomato sauce. Place diced tomatoes and avocado on top of it.

Decorate the crackers on a plate around the edges with sliced avocado and cheese slices as shown in the picture. Now sprinkle Parmesan cheese and other seasonings to taste on top of all the crackers, except the one with Strawberry and Cream Cheese.

The ingredients may vary and you can choose any other choices to make this platter to your taste.


Three Desserts You’ll Love

Just recently I managed to create 3 mouth watering desserts that will have your taste buds go to heaven!!!!!
1. Strawberry Shortcake with Pistachio Gelato.
2. Pistachio Gelato with Cookies-n-Creme Ice Cream, M&M’s and Strawberry
3. Cookies-n-Creme Ice Cream with Strawberry, Cherry, Whipped Cream and M&M’s

I hope that you enjoy these delicious desserts. Do write comments if you have any questions.


My First Day at Central Middle School

Last Friday was my first day at School! Now, some of you might be thinking, “Wasn’t my first day three weeks ago?”. Well, yeah, but today was my first day at Central Middle School (The new one)! First what happened was we went to school. Next, we went around and gave our homework to our […]


King Cobra – A Research Report

Dear Readers,

Since I recently finished  a painting of a  Cobra, and I have grown an  interest in snakes ,I have decided to write a report on all my research on Cobra’s as it is related to my painting and it is informative. I hope you enjoy.


All About King Cobras
King Cobras can grow to be up to 18 feet, making it the longest of all venomous snakes.
Cobras typically live up to 20 years old or more in the wild.
Cobras eat birds, fish, frogs, toads, lizards, eggs and chicks raised from poultry houses, small mammals, such as rabbits and rats, and even other snakes! Whoa! Talk about a big appetite! Cobras are at the top of the food chain. Their only predators are mongooses and people. Cobras weigh up to 15-20 pounds. A group of cobras is called a “quiver.

Cobras are respected in India and Southeast Asia. The Hindus consider them manifestations of the Indian god Shiva, the god of destruction and rebirth. The Buddhists believe a massive king cobra spread its hood over the Buddha while he meditated. Cobra images guard the entrances of many Buddhist and Hindu temples. So on the annual lunar holiday of Nag Panchami, Indians avoid plowing  and field work in respect of cobras.  I have also made a comparison grid:

Name Length Weight Food Chain Speed
King cobra 18 ft 15-20 lbs Birds, chicks etc. 10 mph
Black Mamba 14 ft 3.5 lbs Squirrels, birds, etc. 12 mph
Rattlesnake 5-6 ft 10 lbs Mice, rabbits, etc. 8.12 feet per second
Russel’s Viper 5-6 ft  differs Scorpions, squirrels, etc.    Unknown

Snake Comparisons
I hope you enjoyed reading my report and have a nice day. All the information was from the following websites:


My First Day At Point-Webster as a 5th Grader

Last Wednesday was a special day for me. The reason was because it was my first day at school. But not just any typical first day at school, it was my first day at Point Webster Middle School! So, instead of walking to and from school, I had to go by car. At school, There weren’t any lines for each grade and/or teacher, so I just stayed with my friends. When school started, the principal and the vice principal  greeted us and told all the 5th graders to go downstairs to the auditorium. There, they showed video on how to open our lockers (Since we were having trouble opening them). Then they told us who our new teachers were. Once we took out our binders and put our things in our lockers, we got to our classroom. There, we copied a schedule that  told us when and where we would go to each class/ specialist (Since each subject has one separate teacher).  After our third class, Reading, we had lunch. Then, we had Math and after that – Science. Then we had Social Studies. Finally, during the last 30 minutes of school, we had a class called Student Supports, where the teachers help us with things that we are struggling with, like opening lockers. Finally, the bell rang, and we walked outside. Once again, the principal and the vice principal showed us how to get to the front door. Outside, we waited to get picked up. It was an amazing first day at school!


Project McDonalds – Nandan’s Model

A McDonald’s made out of a refrigerator box… Enjoy!!!


The Majestic Cobra

The Majestic Cobra is my first reptile painting. I am fascinated by Cobra’s and King Cobra’s because of their hood and unique abilities. Naturally, I wanted to paint a Cobra. In this painting, I learnt some new techniques to handle this massive snake – on the canvas.

The most challenging thing for me was the scales on the back of the body and the details on the hood. Since body is very thin, I had to make very small lines to represent the scales and make them turn along with the different shapes and colored scales. Along with that, I had to not only change the scales, but also had to change the body. This was because the color would quickly blend and not be visible. So I had to change the body color and handle the light scales on the dark part of the body.

The different color changes on the hood and belly using yellow, white, brown, and grey were also very tricky, but I could handle it. My teacher Ms. Sharon Pierce told me what I had to do for various parts of the painting. I searched for different pictures and facts about King Cobra and researched a lot information about them on the internet.

I hope that you enjoy reading this blog and seeing the pictures on my painting on Flickr.

  • Finally....


  • Complete


  • Still Shaping Up

    Still Shaping Up

  • Trying Smoke

    Trying Smoke

  • My Face Was Full of Colors...

    My Face Was Full of Colors...

  • Almost there...

    Almost there...

Volcano In Action… Destruction In Progress

This was my second painting on natural disasters. It was also a very challenging painting because I had to add shading to lava as well as the mountains. In this painting I learned some new techniques that I would like to discuss.

For example – In the mountain, I used different shades of white, brown, black and grey. I made every stroke as an inverted arch to give the 3D feel on the mountain. For the lava, I started off at the beginning of each lava flow, stroked the brush up to show the flow and at the same time blended it with the colors in that direction. So in the picture, the color blends from dark to bright as you move upwards. To give texture on the mountains, my teacher taught me another new technique – if the color is dark, then use a small and thin light color stroke. In this painting, you will see some white spots on the mountain. To show burning objects, I showed a burning animal and tree. To show the burning effect, I showed the object that was burning clearly. Then, I made red, yellow and orange strokes around it randomly to show that it was burning everywhere. On some places, I showed smoke as well to show burning.

Please write your comments below and let me know what you think.


Cracker Pizza – Double Deluxe

Last time, I wrote about my special dish – How to Make Cracker Pizza. Now, with a few odd but different ingredients, I have managed to create “Cracker Pizza – Double Deluxe”. In case you want to try and make them, here is the recipe:

Pizza Sauce/Tomato ketchup (Depending on base) – enough to spread on cracker
Small/Medium/Large Circular crackers – 1 whole
Bread – 2 slices of any flat bread (New)
Cheese – Any cheese, 1 square slice to make 2 layers of thin slices on cracker and bread (New)

Seasoning (basil leaves, ground pepper, salt, garlic powder) sprinkle to taste.

For Cracker Pizza

  • Spread the sauce on the cracker.
  • Using mold, cut the cheese into thin slices matching the cracker shape.
  • Put the cheese slice on top of the cracker with sauce.
  • Microwave upto 10 seconds or until cheese melts.
  • Top in with seasonings.

For Double Deluxe

  • Take 1 slice of bread, remove the crust.
  • Sprinkle little garlic powder, pepper powder and spread on bread.
  • Put cracker pizza on top of the side of bread that has seasonings.
  • Fold the remaining part of the bread on top of the cracker pizza.
  • Take the other slice of bread and once again remove the crust.
  • This time, sprinkle little basil leaves and spread it on the bread.
  • Cover the bread and cracker pizza with this slice having basil leaves and press the bread to secure and cover the edges.
  • Take little sauce and spread across the top of the bread.
  • Mold the cheese to put it on top of the bread with cracker pizza and sauce
  • Put it in microwave oven or regular oven until cheese melts to get soft or crusty “Cracker Pizza – Double Deluxe”.
  • Serve it hot with any side and healthy drink.

Please do try it and leave me your comments about it on how it tastes.


My 10th Birthday – Impossible to Top…

 Yesterday was a very special day for me because not only was it my birthday, but I also turned 10! This year, we went to Canobie Lake Park. When we got there, we had to wait for 20 minutes because it only opened at 11:00 and the time was 10:40. after it opened, we tried […]


Memories – 4th Grade at Marshall School 2013-14

Right now, I look back a week ago when I finished 4th grade. It was until now my greatest year at school. I remember my friends, my teachers, the staff and everyone who helped me come this way. I cant believe that I am finally graduating from the Marshall School and going to middle school at Point Webster and Central Middle School. It was a very emotional day last Monday to tell everyone that we were not going to be coming back to this school as regular students, but we would be coming back as old students from Marshall school. I would like to thank my 4th grade teacher, Ms. E, and all my class friends for all the nice memories in the class.

During this year, we had some interesting field trips to:
Tis The Season… Symphony & Song
– Opera in Boston
Boston Duck Tours
– Quincy Historical Bus Drive
Central Middle School Introduction
Thomas Crane Public Library in Quincy
– Fly Up Day at Point Webster Middle School

I would also like to thank Dr. Cuff, Mr. Mike, Ms. Marianne and  Ms. Linda. I would also like to thank our Principal, Mr. Ahearn, the Asst. Principal Ms. Patch and other school friends and teachers for some unforgettable memories.

I would like to share some interesting achievements that I recollect from this amazing 4th grade year and from previous years:

  • Received Phillip J. Connolly Pride In Education Award
  • Had my name in Clifford Marshall School Roll of Honor
  • Got into Central Middle School for Advanced Program
  • Taught class of students to motivate them to enjoy Science
  • I Played Clarinet for the Band and performed for Parents and Students
  • Our class won Gold Medal in 4th grade hockey tournament

It was a wonderful year and I look forward to wishing all of you a wonderful summer and wish good luck to all the upcoming fourth graders. I have created a 4th Grade Memories Album at Flickr which you can visit and see how much fun it was.


My Project Report on Crocodiles

This was my project report on Crocodiles that I made in my 4th grade. Hope you all enjoy reading it.

  • With My Friend Andrew

    With My Friend Andrew

  • With My Teacher Ms. Errichiello and Andrew

    With My Teacher Ms. Errichiello and Andrew

  • With Dr, Cuff and Andrew

    With Dr, Cuff and Andrew

  • Unveiling my name on the board

    Unveiling my name on the board

  • "Phillip J Connolly - Pride In Education" Certificate

  • "Phillip J Connolly - Pride In Education" - Wall of Honor

  • With Pincipal Mr. Nicholas Ahearn

    With Pincipal Mr. Nicholas Ahearn

Graduating 4th Grade from Clifford Marshall School with “Phillip J Connolly – Pride In Education” Award

Last week, during the Annual 4th Grade Breakfast Ceremony at my school (Clifford Marshall School, Quincy, MA), I was given the “Phillip J. Connolly – Pride In Education” Award. My name was written in Golden Letters with the graduating year on a board along with the students who received it in the previous years even from the 1990’s! Very few students are given this award for excellence in education and I feel very proud to be one of them.

I have to thank our Principal Nicholas Ahearn, my class teacher Ms. Errichiello, all my teachers, my friends and the school staff for their help and support through the years at the Marshall School. I would like to deeply thank my family for the help, guidance and support.

My experience at the Marshall school was amazing. I will always cherish this school throughout my life. Now that I am going to Point Webster School and Central Middle School for my 5th grade, I am definitely going to miss the great days at the Marshall school. You can see the photos on my Flickr Page.


My visit to Central Middle School

About 2-3 months ago, I took a long test called SAGES-2. I passed both of them and was accepted into a newly rebuilt Central Middle School. I was very surprised and proud when I got the letter saying that I was accepted into Central for the ELC. Today, I went to the orientation program and got a tour of Central Middle School and met the staff members, our next teacher Ms. June Joyce and some students who where currently in 5th grade. First, we heard a speech from every kid and staff member in the auditorium. Second, we glanced at the students projects in the cafeteria. Finally, we saw the rooms we would be in. I even recognized some people, including my friends Adam, Sarah, Alex, Samarth and Ajay. I also met Ms. Erin Perkins, the curriculum coordinator, who had come to my classroom earlier in the day to check on Ms E’s Surface tablet recognized me! It was a great day. I look forward to going to Central Middle School and doing well there.


My First Participation In An Art Festival at North River Arts Society

The North River Art Society‘s Festival of the Arts – 2014 was the first art festival that I ever participated in. Before the day of the festival, I sent “The Impressionistic Pear” and “Forest – Impressionism” for display. It was a great moment for me. My name was displayed in the Society’s Art Festival brochure. Now, that I am a member of this society, I look forward to regularly participating in the Art Festivals.

On the day of the festival, me and my family went through the Art Festival to look at the various works of art done by the best artists in the region. After seeing all of the works displayed, I realized that I need to add a lot more realism in my work to make it of the quality of the other artists. I loved the canvas art, the photography display and the art made of clay, glass, metals, etc.

Before we left the art festival, I saw that there was a street chalking event as well which was coming to an end. I quickly borrowed some chalk the volunteer and started drawing on the road. First, I drew a palette, a brush and a painting on a canvas with the chalks. I tried to add some realism to the brush even though I had only a few colors. I also gave a caption that said “In Art, Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Use them as opportunities!”. I also wrote underneath – “Fear” and striked it out. Since I did this in less than 5 minutes, the volunteer was very impressed and gave me a ribbon that said – “North River Art Society – Festival of the Arts 2014… Official Sidewalk Artist”.

After that, we left with 2 great things:
1. A Special Ribbon
2. A Brochure with my name as a participant.

What a great start to summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!